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A Retreat with Thomas Moore
31st Oct - 5th Nov ­

Soul is the depth of experience that makes us human and­ fully in the world. Spirit allows us to transcend, reach toward the infinite, be endlessly creative and find meaning and purpose. This retreat speaks to both soul and spirit together and offers ways to live a life that is both deeply connected and pleasurable and at the same time sublime and profoundly religious or spiritual. In Thomas’s latest book, A Religion of One’s Own, he redefines religion for our times as a deeply personal, intelligent and engaging way of making sense of life and responding creatively to the mysteries of love­, life, illness and meaning.

The retreat consists of intensive morning dream work, one-hour sessions for the presentation and discussion of many themes in spirituality, archetypal psychology and mythology, and free time for personal reflection and community.  The retreat is designed in such a way that participants are introduced to the overall topic during the Friday evening seminar. During the consecutive days the contributing factors to this topic are anaysed more indeptly. Although there is merit in attending stand -alone days it is recommended that participants enjoy the complete series for maximum impact and value.

Thomas’s retreats are always full of humor and hard personal work, support and challenge, rich traditional themes and new ideas. This retreat offers a way to be both in love with life and finding effective ways to transcend, to pray intelligently and to enjoy ordinary life as fully as possible.  Thomas presents a fresh, depth approach to the spiritual that has nothing to do with self-denial, guilt or excessive purity. He offers a spirituality and a psychology of joy.
The planned schedule for each day is as follows:

Friday evening Seminar:

Saturday:   The day begins with Dream Work, this is followed by a session on the Soul and Spirit.  Living with Art and Dreams is the next topic for discussion and then this is followed by Group discussion. The day concludes with a Self-Therapy:  Emotions, past experiences session.

Sunday:    This day starts with Dream Work followed by a session on A Religion of One’s Own. World spiritual traditions as resources are then discussed followed by discussions relating to Sexuality and Spirituality. The day concludes with a session focusing on Magic, Intuition and Inner Guidance.

Monday: Dream Work is the first session of the day and this is followed by discussions on Relationships as Soul-Making. The afternoon session is based on Opus: The Alchemy of Work. This work is followed by Group discussion and Monday’s discussion concludes with a session on the Mystery of Daphne.

Tuesday:  The day starts with an analysis of Dreams. This is followed by a Session that concentrates on the work on C. G. Jung’s Way using Images. In the afternoon there is discussion on the topic of James Hillman’s Soul session and after lunch there is a session relating to Hermes the Holy Thief and Deceiver. The day concludes with a session relating to A Soulful Life.

Wednesday: This is a half-day session.  Like all previous day’s work begins with Dream Work. This is followed by a Session on Jesus the Epicurean followed at noon by the topic on The Holy Fool. For the afternoon the closing session concentrates on Soulful Spirituality and drawing to a close the week’s journey.


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