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Muintearas Criostai - Weekly Thursday Evening Irish Prayer Meeting

06 May 2015Book

Silent Vipassana & Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat

28 May 2015Book

A half day workshop for CARERS Part 2

13 June 2015Book

A Day to Yourself with Meditation, Mindfulness and Focusing - Marian Burke

13 June 2015Book

A Retreat with Fr Jim Cogley

14 June 2015Book

A Weekend Introduction to Centering Prayer

20 June 2015Book

An Individually Guided Retreat - Br Patrick George Gordon cfc

28 June 2015Book

Confidence and Self Esteem for WOMEN - Maria Lynch

28 June 2015Book

Introduction to Centering Prayer - Silent Retreat with Lesley Kavanagh and Rose Murphy RSM Contemplative Outreach

19 July 2015Book

A Silent Retreat with Father Daniel O'Leary

09 August 2015Book

A Silent Retreat with Bishop Comiskey

16 August 2015Book

Rediscovering Wonder - Moving through Transition with Compassion

04 September 2015Book

Being an Adult in the World. Resolving our Childhood Insecurities - Fr Jim Cogley

12 September 2015Book

Mindful Eating Workshop - Deirdre Kavanagh

19 September 2015Book

Style and Confidence for WOMEN - Maria Lynch

19 September 2015Book

Muintearas Criostai - Weekly Thursday Evening Irish Prayer Meeting

A Weekly Irish Prayer Meeting takes place at the Emmaus Retreat Centre every Thursday evening from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. All welcome.more

A half day Workshop for CARERS

As a carer you may feel that your own needs sometimes get lost within the overwhelming responsibility of your role as carer. Whether you are a parent, spouse or partner, child, sibling or service provider for someone who needs your care it is vital to take time for yourself and this workshop has been designed to address your specific needs. more