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A Welcoming Prayer Retreat Fionnuala Quinn O.P. and Lesley Kavanagh

27 July 2014Book

A Silent Retreat with Bishop Brendan Comiskey

17 August 2014Book

A Silent Retreat with Fr Daniel O'Leary BOOKED OUT

24 August 2014More

Silent Vipassana/Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat

29 August 2014Book

Dana Rosemary Scallon Residential Retreat Weekend

05 September 2014Book

Dana Rosemary Scallon Retreat Weekend - Non Residential

05 September 2014Book

Dana Rosemary Scallon In Concert at Emmaus

06 September 2014Book

Introduction to Art Therapy

06 September 2014Book

ACT NOW!!! Drama Workshop for Adults - 6 Tuesday Mornings

09 September 2014Book

Beginners Adult Step Dancing Classes - 4 Wednesday Mornings with Ann McFadden.

10 September 2014Book

Expressing as a Woman - 10 Wednesday Evening Classes

10 September 2014Book

Parenting - the challenges and the rewards - John Lonergan

11 September 2014Book

Mindful Eating - Deirdre Kavanagh

13 September 2014Book

Focusing and Listening - 2 Day Workshop

13 September 2014Book

Colour, Style and Confidence - Maria lynch

14 September 2014Book

An Emmaus Centerig Prayer Journey - Tuesday Evenings Starting 23rd September

These evenings are designed for those who have done an Introduction to Centering Prayer, or, are familiar with the method. A twenty-minute period of Centering will be followed each evening by a half hour DVD or other input dealing with some aspect of the Spiritual Journey. What time remains will be spent in an informal sharing of 
insight and some discussion. more

Silent Vipassana/Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat -Marjó Oosterhoff

Vipassana meditation (also called insight or mindfulness meditation) originated in the Theravada Buddhist tradition of Southeast Asia. Through observing our experience with compassionate awareness, we begin to see more clearly, without immediately reacting to or getting absorbed into what we experience. This clear seeing gets us in touch with our mental, physical and emotional processes and patterns.more